10 FREE life hacks for dogs

Life hacks to give your furry best friend some excitement in his life.

They wait all day for us to come home, the least we could do is have a little FUN!!!

1.  Empty paper towel roll – load some treats in close the ends and give it a whirl.  Let them carry it and rip it up to get the treats out….you were going to recycle that thing anyway.

2.  Give him that cottage cheese container to lick clean before you put it in the recycling bin.

3.  Extra white rice from your Chinese carry out?  Take the metal handle off and close the lid….let her figure it out, you’re not her servant after all.  🙂

4.  Take a handful of kibble out to your back yard and throw it in the grass….seriously, go do it!

5.  Make some ice cubes out of broth and let him play with them on your hot patio or in your yard…..such a great summertime game.

6.  After you’ve eaten all of your vanilla ice cream (yes, we all have guilty pleasures) add some water to the container and swish, making vanilla ice cream water.  Now go grab some treats, kibble and a tennis ball or kong.  Drop it in and freeze.  When that baby is frozen, tear off the cardboard container and plop that big ice cube outside and watch your dog get exhausted from all the hard work to get that stuff out of there!  You’re Welcome!

7.  Kibble fetch….toss a piece of dog kibble, your dog runs to get it, then returns for you to repeat the process over and over.  No need to even have a drop it command… BONUS!!  Add stairs for extra energy burn.

8.  Wrap their toys in paper bags and make them work to retrieve them…what were you saving that bag for anyway?

9.  Have an extra disposable water bottle, orange juice container, pop bottle?  Remove the lid, add some treats and watch them go to work!  Compacting your recycling one bottle at a time.

10.  Buy something for yourself on Amazon?  How about hiding the food bowl in the box and watching your dog problem solve getting it out.  Feel free to help them if necessary, no reason to torture your best friend.  🙂