Kong stuffing typically requires a sticky type food and a crunchy type food. But there are other options too. Pick a “Sticky” option to line the kong with, then pick a “Crunchy” option and put it inside and shake the kong so the crunchy items stick to the sides of the kong.

“Sticky” options:

Natural vanilla or plain yogurt        Canned pumpkin             Left overs/healthy options
Canned dog food                           Cottage Cheese              Peanut Butter
Cream Cheese                               Mashed Banana             Applesauce


“Crunchy options:
Regular dog food kibble
hard dog treats
Dried fruit like apple pieces
Cooked or raw veggies like carrots and green beans Cooked meat like chicken

If you want to get fancy or you have a do that can move through the above listed kong options like lightening….check out these options:

Plug the small end of the kong with something thick like peanut butter, fill the kong to about 2/3 full with chicken broth or other stock/broth and then add some kibble or other crunchy options. Put into a cup so it has the big side up and place in the freezer. Once it is frozen, give it to your dog. This makes a great crate toy or outside toy, not so much a carpet toy.

You can also freeze the above options to make it even more difficult to get the food out. This is great for heavy chewers or dogs that need more stimulation on busy work days or rainy days that prevent walks. 🙂