Think Positive. Train Positive.

MY MISSION is simple… to help you have a better relationship with your pet!  To make your pet a positive asset to your family.  I do this by using Positive Reinforcement, non-aversive training techniques, teaching you and your dog a better way.  There is no need for stressful corrections, physical punishment, or barbaric equipment.


Vet Tech Coach offers a wide variety of dog and cat training services. From in-home to group training.

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Vet Tech Coach offers a wide variety of dog and cat training classes.

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Our new video coaching program allows you to learn a ton about training your dog from anywhere.

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“Neika was amazing when we got a puppy, and amazing again when we adopted a rescue dog who had some anxiety issues. Her positive training techniques always…”


“Excellent teacher and highly effective training methods!! Over the years, I have raised other dogs and completed puppy obedience classes with them but have…”


Our Blog

Poe is gone….

This is likely the hardest thing I have ever written.  Writing this message in a Facebook post seems so disrespectful as he means more to us than what I could ever express in that small space.  So I’m writing a blog post about our family member.  Maybe this will... read more

Kong Recipe Sheet

KONG RECIPE IDEAS Kong stuffing typically requires a sticky type food and a crunchy type food. But there are other options too. Pick a “Sticky” option to line the kong with, then pick a “Crunchy” option and put it inside and shake the kong so... read more

10 FREE Life Hacks for Dogs

10 FREE life hacks for dogs Life hacks to give your furry best friend some excitement in his life. They wait all day for us to come home, the least we could do is have a little FUN!!! 1.  Empty paper towel roll – load some treats in close the ends and give it a... read more

Positively Certified Dog Trainer

Neika is the first and only Positively Certified Dog Trainer in Indiana. Learn more about Victoria Stilwell and the Positively organization.